Electric China in Hong Kong China, Hong Kong SAR nylon sleeve gear coupling near me Power in Padova Italy boston gear coupling supplier Mine Tunnel Excavator with Quick Coupling with top quality lowest price

Electric  China  in   Hong Kong China, Hong Kong SAR   nylon sleeve gear coupling  near me  Power  in   Padova Italy   boston gear coupling  supplier  Mine Tunnel Excavator with Quick Coupling with top quality lowest price

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EPT Power Mine Tunnel Excavator with Quick Coupling

Overview mwy6/0.5 coal mine hydraulic excavator is HangZhou Enwei Intelligent EPT Co., Ltd. in absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad on the basis of independent research, development, manufacture of underground loading rock and bottom cleaning equipment. The machine is compact in structure and small in size, and has the characteristics of energy saving, low noise, small pollution and high efficiency due to the use of EPT hydraulic system. With the shaft drilling rig supporting the use, can realize coal mine and other mine shaft excavation mechanization operation, thus greatly improve the excavation speed. At the same time, the machine can also be used for roadway and inclined roadway loading rock and excavation operation

Product parameters:

Item Unit Technical data  
Standard bucket capacity 0.3 0.5
Max. digging height mm ≥5000 ≥5000
Max. dumping height mm ≥3300 ≥3500
Max. digging depth mm ≥2100 ≥3000
Max. digging radius mm ≥4800 ≥5500
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm ≥2100 ≥2600
Max. digging force(bucket) kN ≥40 ≥60
Rotating speed r/min ≥10 ≥10
Traveling speed km/h ≥1.6 ≥1.6
Max. traction kN 50 70
Average ground pressure kg/cm² 0.44 0.44
Rated power Kw 37 55
Gradeability   14° 14°
Overall size, traveling mm 4600×2100×2400 5280*2140*2650
Min. turning radius, front part mm ≤1300 ≤1500
Turning radius, rear part mm 1100 1300
Weight Kg 6300 8500


Slewing Platform
In the slewing platform of compact crawler excavator, a welded structure provides high rigidness. The bottom of the platform is connected with the base plate through a slewing pearing. In the middle, there is a robotic arm and slewing reducer, which with the slewing pearing composes a slewing system. On the right of the slewing platform, hydraulic oil ank and main valve are installed. On the left is operating cap, equipped with a comfortable seat, a protective roof and pilot valves.

Walking System
The whole walking system consists of crawlers, base plate, walking drive device and crawler stretching device. That’s why the excavator shows a good capacity in climbing slope and turning sharply, as well as enjoys low ground pressure and stable walking. The installed two crawlers are independently driven by two driving devices, able to freely walk, swerve, rotate and more.

Robot Arm
This device is mainly applied for digging, lifting, discharging and more.

Hydraulic System
Main parts include main oil pump, gear pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, main valve, pilot valve, oil filter, cooler and oil tank

Dynamic System
The explosion-proof motor distributes EPT power of 37 KW to each device of this excavator and ensures a normal and highly efficient running.

The compact crawler excavator is outfitted with a vacuum electromagnetic starter, which is most often used to control and protect the main motor. Not only that, the excavator also makes use of an integrated protective device, which prevents the lighting system and bell from short circuits and EPT leakage.

Quick Coupling:

Quick Coupling are also called Quick Change Connector, mainly for excavators to improve the efficiency of EPT between the shift and the working parts such as the bucket and the loosening, when working.


The machine is suitable for the well, roadway and slope of coal mine, metal ore and non-metallic ore with less than 14. Excavation operation of loading rock, bottom cleaning and permafrost in inclined lane excavation. The machine has the following characteristics:

1.Compared with the traditional artificial clear bottom, the use of this machine in the significant savings of labor costs at the same time, improve the efficiency of operations, improve the working environment.

2.The operator is operating under the protection of the roof, which is conducive to safe production.

3. Compared with the traditional diesel power small excavator, due to the use of EPT hydraulic system, so it has the characteristics of low noise, no exhaust pollution, more suitable for downhole use.
4. The machine has compact structure and small shape size, and the working device can be recycled in the bottom of the shaft to facilitate vertical downhole and well lifting.
5. The car is compact and small in size, and its tail does not collide with the well wall when it rotates, making it more suitable for small underground space operations.
6. The main action adopts the pilot valve control, the operation is easy and simple, the work is smooth without impact. Product use EPT conditions:

 1) suitable for shafts more than 6 meters in diameter, as well as a section of 4.0×4.5 meters above and slope less than 140 of the roadway.
2) the Rock’s Platts hardness F is less than or equal to 12, the block degree is less than or equal to 600mm, the loose density is not greater than 1.8t/m.
3) Altitude <1000m. High altitude 1000m above the plateau environment needs to be specially designed;
4)the roadway environment is -5ºC~ 40 ºC, the maximum relative humidity <90% (temperature of 25 ºC);
5),the voltage limit deviation is 5% soil, AC frequency limit deviation is ±1%;
6)The content of coal dust and methane explosive gas around the excavator should conform to the safety content stipulated in the Coal Mine safety regulations.

7.Equipped with hydraulic quick-change connectors, quick change joints can be quickly installed on the excavator a variety of configuration parts (digging, loosening, crushing hammer, hydraulic shears, etc.), can expand the use of excavators, and can save time, improve ergonomics.

Quick Change Connector has the following advantages:
 1)disassembly quickly and convenient, save time to improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of operators.
2)There is almost no working medium outflow when the self-styled quick change connector is removed. The pollution of the working environment is reduced and the dirt is prevented from entering the piping system, thus improving the reliability of the hydraulic system.
3)Quick change connector itself can be freely rotated, not only to release the installation process in the pipeline generated by the internal stress, but also to overcome the work due to vibration caused by the loosening.
4)the use of high-strength materials, suitable for 3-45 tonnage of various models.
5)the use of liquid-controlled one-way valve safety device, to ensure safety.


The use of original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference purposes only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our company and the listed EPT parts contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.


Electric  China  in   Hong Kong China, Hong Kong SAR   nylon sleeve gear coupling  near me  Power  in   Padova Italy   boston gear coupling  supplier  Mine Tunnel Excavator with Quick Coupling with top quality lowest price

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