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A jaw coupling is a device that connects two shafts together. This type of coupling is primarily designed as a way to reduce vibrations caused by slight misalignment of the two shafts. In addition to damping vibrations, the claw coupling is almost fail-proof because it is connected together in a gear-like fashion. A claw coupling transfers torque well, but the loose middle area of the coupling prevents it from safely transferring a lot of energy.
Couplings connect the end of the drive shaft to the end of the driven shaft in order to transfer power from one system to another. Using a coupling allows slight misalignment and changes in the shaft without damaging the system. Additionally, they allow parts to be separated from each other for repair or replacement.

jaw coupling

The Working Principle of Jaw Coupling

We are somewhat familiar with jaw couplings and know their primary purpose. Now let’s take a deep dive into how jaw coupling works.
All elastic couplings are classified according to how their flexible element transmits torque between the drive hub and the driven hub – the element is either in compression or in shear.

In a jaw coupling, the elements are compressed between the jaws of the mating hub. These jaws run in the same plane, with the driving hub jaws pushing against the driving hub jaws. The elastic spider’s legs transmit and cushion the force between the driving and driven claws by compressing them.

Torsionally jaw couplings with damping and misalignment capabilities for a wide range of application


Torsionally elastic to extend machine life through shock absorption


Maintenance free


Vibration Control


Compact design with high torque capability


Dislocation ability


Dimensions are interchangeable with Lovejoy, Browning and Fenner couplings

Several forms of coupling connection

1. Loose connection: The key to the connection of ordinary flat keys with loose keys, semi-circular keys, guide flat keys and feather keys, etc., transmit torque through the keys, and the spare parts can not bear the axial force on the fixed shaft every week
2. Key connection: large transmission torque, simple structure, low cost and small space size. Disadvantages: When rotating at high speed, its dynamic balance is not good.
3. Expansion connection: large transmission torque, high requirements for related processing dimensions, and large volume of the coupling.
4. Clamping connection: simple structure, low cost and small space size

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