Jaw Coupling

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The Product Name
Aluminum Alloy Spider Jaw Coupling
The Material

Bushings: 7075 aluminum alloy

Slider Pad: PUT 98A
Screw: 12.9 Class Screw
Surface Treatment
1. High torque, Adjust deviation well
2. Vibration absorption
3. Zero rotation clearance
4. Detachable design, easy installation
Suitable for Industry
Any machinery and equipment
Fixed Way
Clamping type

 How to select and install jaw couplings

Claw couplings are popular for connecting large industrial machines such as pumps, blowers, compressors, and mixers in mechanical power transmission assemblies.
Claw couplings are designed to provide a high degree of flexibility. The star element between the toothed elements provides the ability to bend, which enables the jaw coupling to resist misalignment and absorb unexpected shock loads.
The fail-safe design of the claw coupling means that even after the star element fails, the coupling will continue to drive and transmit power.
When an element fails, the hubs in the jaw coupling interlock and continue to transmit power. Operators are alerted by the noise and can plan an orderly shutdown to replace couplings, but at the same time, their operations will not face any sudden interruptions. The ease of installation of the coupling and its longevity depends on proper shaft alignment.

Features of Jaw Couplings

1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, low cost, often used in low power occasions;

2. The inertial force is small, which is suitable for the connection of two shafts with small torque, high rotational speed and no sharp impact. The nylon slider transmits a small torque, but it is suitable for high-speed operation and does not require lubrication;

3. The transmission torque is large, and the rotating diameter is mostly smaller than that of the gear coupling at the same torque, which can partially replace the gear coupling.