Reliable and Durable dresser coupling Miki pulley at reasonable prices

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Reliable and Durable dresser coupling Miki pulley at reasonable prices

– Wide range of coupling products not just for general purpose, but for every servo motor

– Metal disc-spring couplings with ultra-high torsional stiffness for servo motor application

– World-class Miki Pully products from Akebono at reasonable prices

Product Description

It can be very difficult to fully center two shafts when connecting them together. Shaft deflection caused in operation of the machinery, thermal expansion of the shafts, warping of support plates over long periods of use, and wear of shaft bearings can also make it difficult to keep the shafts centered. The role of the coupling is to resolve these types of problems through the selection of the right coupling for the job. Miki Pulley provides a wide range of coupling products not just for general purpose motors, but for everything from servo motors, which demand ultra-precise control, to engines, which generate high vibration and large shocks.

These metal disc-spring couplings with ultra-high torsional stiffness were developed for servo motor applications. The disc-spring method provides excellent properties: firmness in the torsional direction but flexibility in the bending, step-difference, and axial directions. The disc spring that serves as the element has an unbeatable theoretically derived shape that is the result of rigorous analysis with the latest finite element method.

STEPFLEX couplings for servo stepping motors that boast high damping performance. Our newly developed laminated rubber element (HNBR) achieves high damping and low reaction force. These couplings absorb vibration faster than flexible couplings that use metal in their elastic components. This suppresses the resonance phenomenon that can occur with stepping motors.

These are rigid couplings with ultra-high torsional stiffness that were developed for servo motor applications. Unlike flexible couplings, they have no element to absorb differences between the centers of the two shafts, so they have very high torsional stiffness.

These couplings connect a hub that mounts on the shaft to another hub, separated by a metal coil. They achieve excellent flexibility, compact size, and high torque. Different models may connect either a shaft to another shaft or a shaft to a flange.

These are pin-bushing type couplings whose bodies are made of aluminum alloy. Backlash is kept extremely low by making the torsional stiffness of all components very high and combining high-precision pins with dry metal. A universal system is used for all hub coupling, which makes shaft reaction force due to mounting misalignment extremely small. There is also a damping effect from sliding at the friction surface between the pin and dry metal.

When transmitting power between shafts with different centers, which have traditionally been constituted of a spline shaft and a universal joint, Schmidt couplings can be used to efficiently transmit power in a compact form factor. Schmidt couplings are couplings with different shaft centers that use the crank motion of a link. They not only allow power transmission when shaft centers are different, they also enable translation of shaft centers while rotating.

The simple construction of these couplings sandwiches a buffer piece called an element (made of polyurethane elastomer) between two hubs. Elements of two different hardnesses are available so you can select the appropriate one for your torque transmission responsiveness and amount of misalignment. Since the design pre-compresses the element, it can also be used without backlash.

These couplings have a simpler design that sandwiches a rubber buffer (nitrile rubber) between two hubs. The hub is lightweight, being made of aluminum alloy. Mounting on a shaft is easy. Simply hold a straight-edge to the hub periphery to center it. One source of appeal is that its simple construction means lower cost.

These couplings absorb vibration and have extremely low counter force caused by mounting misalignment, thanks to the use of a plastic boot made of resin with excellent elastic properties (polyester resins). They are compact and lightweight, since the aluminum alloy hub and boot are designed with a unitized construction. Thanks to the unitized construction, they are easy to mount and remove, and there is no backlash. They come in three sizes, and all are highly flexible couplings that allow eccentricity of 0.5 mm and an angle of deflection of 10°.

Rubber couplings dampen and absorb shock and vibrations using the elasticity of rubber, while plastic couplings do the same with plastics. Their advantages include high flexibility, low noise, easy maintenance (because they do not require lubrication), simple construction, and long service life.

Company Information

We have developed relationships with numerous manufacturers over our long history,

and we can carry products from a wide range of makers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries about our products or services.Notably, we have been engaged in the export of equipment, devices,

and materials for semiconductor fabrication to a major Korean manufacturer for many years.

We export not only from Japan, but leverage export channels in other countries.

Our long-running, steady track record is one of our strengths and is prized by our clients.


Q1)What is AKEBONO CORPORATION all about?

A1)Based in Kyoto, we are a specialized manufacturer of machinery components that has been inbusiness for seventy years. Our team of personnel are deeply versed in specialist knowledge.

Q2)What products do you carry?

A2)Our core lineup is machine tools. We also carry an extensive range of products used for

manufacturing and crafting in factory environments.In addition to the sale of products, we are poised to offer you a range of proposals and

solutions based on our expertise. Do not hesitate to contact us for any of your needs.

Q3)What languages do you speak?A3)English, Korean, and of course Japanese.

Q4)Forms of paymentA4)T/T, L/C, and Paypal

Q5)What are the terms of trade?A5)We support FOB, C&F, and CIF (please contact us for other terms)

Q6)What are your hours of operation?A6)Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM. Our office is closed on Japanese holidays.

We endeavor to reply to inquiries immediately.

Q7)What services distinguish AKEBONO CORPORATION?A7)• Prices better than anywhere else

Our seventy years of business have allowed us to create a pricing structure that is better than

anywhere else.• Rapid deliveryWe have been exporting goods to Korea, the US, Southeast Asia,

and elsewhere for twenty years, and we can offer you the best and speediest service for your needs.• We welcome small lot orders• Wide range of products lets us offer one-stop service.

Order all your needs in one place for greater efficiency.

Q8)Can you come to our office directly?A8)As necessary, we can pay you a visit to negotiate.

We can ship the product in a method that suits your needs.

We offer air shipment and surface mail. (We are authorized in import/export).Naturally, we can also arrange for courier services.

Delivery Time

Parts will be ordered after receipt of payment and shipped immediately after completion (depending on delivery conditions of parts)


As one of leading jaw coupling manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of mechanical products, We offer jaw coupling and many other products.

Please contact us for details.

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